The 2018 ambassador

I am very honoured to be able to be the ambassador for the 32nd Forum Horizon Chimie. As a former Student of the ESPCI engineering school, I am very pleased to see the annual repetition of this event, in itself proof of its utility. The forum has the purpose to allow the formation of connections between chemistry students and professionals by demystifying personal encounters between both. In my professional role, I am also proud to be allowed to represent Solvay, a versatile company that is oriented to a sustainable development and that believes in the ability of chemistry to solve the great challenges of our time.

The chemistry of tomorrow is founded on the collaboration between engineering schools, universities and companies, small ones as well as big ones, and the Forum Horizon Chimie is a vital representation of this collaboration. It will not be possible without your participation, dear students, as you will be perfectly adapted to solve new challenges thanks to your excellent education.

Chemistry, as the second largest sector of the exporting industry, is a dynamic business in France, with more than 3000 companies, mostly of small and medium size. I hope that chemistry can keep this place and for this purpose we count on you.

Therefore, I wish you an excellent day full of valuable exchanges.


For the Forum,

Anne-Marie Le Govic

Responsible for the center of innovation and research of Paris – Solvay