The team of 2020

The association “Forum Horizon Chimie” is organised by four French engineering schools specialized in chemistry: Chimie ParisTech, ESPCI Paris, ENSIC, ECPM. Every school has a organisation team, the four teams are managed by the head Committee, which consits of 7 posts: president, treasurer, secretary and four vice-presidents, one for each school. The central committee is elected every year for the organisation of the next edition.

The head committee

  • Marie SAVANI (Presidente, Chimie ParisTech)
  • Victoire ROSSIGNOL (Secretary, ESPCI)
  • Mona BEHILLIL (Tresurer, Chimie ParisTech)
  • Clara HOMOR (Vice-Presidente, ENSIC)
  • Cyril BONHOMME (Vice-President, ESPCI Paris)
  • Sixtine BONE (Vice-Presidente, Chimie ParisTech)
  • Agathe CHAMBE (Vice-Presidente, ECPM)
  • Camille BRUGIER (International Moduling)

The Chimi ParisTech committee

  • Marie SAVANI (Presidente)
  • Sixtine BONE (Vice-Presidente)
  • Mona BEHILLIL (Treasurer)
  • Camille BRUGUIER (International Moduling)
  • Inès DANARD (Dinner)
  • Pauline DUARD (Market analysis)
  • Opaline HALET (Communication)
  • Marine GAU (Communication)
  • Erwan GERNIGON (One day in a company)

The ESPCI Paris committee

  • Cyril BONHOMME (Vice-President)
  • Victoire ROSSIGNOL (Secretary)
  • Louis BARTHE  (Press)
  • Axelle AUBERT (Press)
  • Basile WEYL (Logistics)
  • Étienne BARRE (Logistics)
  • Alexandre ZIDAT (Buffer Zone)
  • Malo VELAY (Buffer Zone)
  • Clémence GAUNAND (Catering)

The ECPM committee

  • Agathe CHAMBE (Vice-Presidente)
  • Marie CHEVALIER (Handicafé and Goodies)
  • Marco Antonio BRAVO ESQUIVEL (Conferences)
  • Ningyuan FU (Conferences)
  • Estéban GUITTET (Conferences)
  • Fabien THIBAUD (English companies and godfather)
  • Louis SALICETI (English companies)
  • Regina LEINER (German companies)
  • Anna MICHAELY (German companies)
  • Xin LIU (Communication)
  • Gwendal TANGUY (Communication)
  • Gauthier ROSÉ (One day in a company)

The ENSIC committee

  • Clara HOMOR (Vice-presidente)
  • Kilian SLOETJES (Special companies)
  • Clément DUVAL (Special companies)
  • Manon MONROIG (Brochure)
  • Eléonore BERTHET (Brochure)
  • Florian PERIDONT (Brochure)
  • Alonso Miguel CASTRO CRUZ (SEE)
  • Robin BARREYRE (SEE)
  • Mohammad Azran BIN MOSTAPHA (Print)
  • Blaise FOURNIER (Wallpaper)
  • Juan Baltazar ACOSTA GARCIA (One day in a company)