The team of 2019

The association “Forum Horizon Chimie” is organised by four French engineering schools specialized in chemistry: Chimie ParisTech, ESPCI Paris, ENSIC, ECPM. Every school has a organisation team, the four teams are managed by the head Committee, which consits of 7 posts: president, treasurer, secretary and four vice-presidents, one for each school. The central committee is elected every year for the organisation of the next edition.

The head committee

  • Irène BACQUET (President, ECPM)
  • Naïs NIE (Secretary, Chimie ParisTech)
  • Eva MAGD (Treasurer, ECPM)
  • Marianne BLAISING (Vice-President, ENSIC)
  • Martin ROMAN-FAURE (Vice-President, ESPCI Paris)
  • Thomas MORAGUES (Vice-President, Chimie ParisTech)
  • Lukas SPORRER (Vice-President, ECPM)

The Chimi ParisTech committee

  • Thomas MORAGUES (Vice-President)
  •  Pierre GUERMONPREZ (International Moduling)
  • Naïs NIE (Secretary)
  • Julie CORDIER (one day in a company)
  • Camille BIANCHI (one day in a company)
  • Julien CHERIN (one day in a company)
  • Carole KELLER (one day in a company)
  • Thomas DROUIN (one day in a company)
  • Alexia SIMON (market analysis)
  • Clara DEVOUASSOUX (communication)
  • Jean CHAGNEAU (communication)
  • Caroline HADJIEFSTATHIOU (communication)
  • Flore CARE (dinner) 

The ESPCI Paris committee

  • Martin ROMAN-FAURE (Vice President)
  • Marie LUBINEAU (Press)
  • Edwige LAY (Press)
  • Pierre-Alexandre LHOTELLIER (Contacts)
  • Jean-Baptiste BOYSSOU (Logistics)
  • Oriane PAGANI(Logistics)
  • Mélanie RUELLE (Calls)
  • Carl Laurent (catering)

The ENSIC committee

  • Marianne BLAISING (Vice-President)
  • Lucas VERBRUGGHE (special companies)
  • Timothé BAES (special companies)
  • Maxime FRANCOIS (brochure)
  • Diane VUILLAUME (proofreading + photo CV)
  • Julie CHAIGNEAU (proofreading + photo CV)
  • Romain GUEGUEN (SEE)
  • Fatouma HARA (print)
  • Valérian LEGRU (wallpaper)

The ECPM committee

  • Irène BACQUET (President)
  • Eva MAGD (Treasurer)
  • Lukas SPORRER (Vice-President)
  • Auriane GUITTON (Handicafé and Goodies)
  • Alexia BATONON (Conferences)
  • Pauline FAJARDIE (Conferences)
  • Anaïs LOISON (Conferences)
  • Camélia IKCHED (English companies)
  • Antonio PENA-CORREDOR (English companies)
  • Ann-Sophie PASCHKE (German companies)
  • Albrecht WANTIG (German companies)
  • Aline DUBOIS (Communication)
  • Tessa REINERT (main sponsor)