Our service

You wish to know the exact prices and the furnishing of our stands? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will forward you our borchure of presentation.

We offer you a stand package with :

  • a 6, 9, , 11,25, 12 or 18 m² stand on the 1st , 2nd or ground floor of the “Maison de la Chimie”,
  • insurance on your equipment for the entire duration of the Forum,
  • a catering Service,
  • two invitations for the Horizon Chimie Dinner which will take place on the evening of February 1st,
  • the possibility to, should you wish, participate in conferences, round-tables and company presentations,
  • the opportunity to offer tours of your facility with the  « Un Jour en Entreprise » Operation.
  • – two pages on the presentation brochure
  • – a description of your company on the forum’s website

A spacious (6 to 18 square meters) and entirely equipped stand will be set aside for your company at the “Maison de la Chimie” for the duration of the Forum.

Description: An authorized service provider of the Maison de la Chimie is in charge of the global installation of the stand including carpet flooring, wall partitions and basic electrical equipment. The setting up of the furniture and decoration is not covered by the association but you will receive a catalogue and a technical form that explains the method and regulation of the installation in the Maison de la Chimie.

Location: The stands will be allocated to companies in the order of reception of completed forms. We suggest that you select some of the stands and indicate your first choices on the registration form.

Insurance: As your company is responsible for its equipment during the night if you bring it the day before the forum, we suggest you apply for extra insurance if your equipment is to remain inside the Maison de la Chimie during the night preceding the forum.

You may also pick one of our three lounges :

  • one lounge of 30m²
  • two lounges of 24m²


A catering service is offered, including :

  • Breakfast,
  • Lunch – three meals per firm (two lunch services within an one hour interval are available),
  • two invitations to the “Dîner Horizon Chimie” which will take place on the 4 of February 2021.
The Forum’s Sponsor of the year, a well-known member of the scientific community, will attend this dinner.
You have the opportunity to lead one of the following activities (within the event’s capacity):
  • conferences  and company presentations,
  • tours of your facilities within the “Un Jour en Entreprise” operation.

The presentation brochure

Given to over 1200 visitors, this booklet allows you to highlight your company in a double page, with :
  • one page for the description of your Company,
  • the other page for advertisement.

The website

Your logo and the link to your company website will be posted to our website, under the “Firms” section.