The team of 2021

The association « Forum Horizon Chimie » is organised by four French engineering schools specialized in chemistry: Chimie ParisTech, ESPCI Paris, ENSIC, ECPM. Every school has a organisation team, the four teams are managed by the head Committee, which consits of 9 posts: president, treasurer, secretary, four vice-presidents, one for each school, International Moduling manager and Companies manager. The central committee is elected every year for the organisation of the next edition.

The head committee

  • Louis GIGANTE (President, ENSIC)
  • Paul GENY (Secretary, ECPM)
  • Virginie LONGHITANO (Treasurer, ENSIC)
  • Clara LAMOTTE (Vice-President, ENSIC)
  • Yassine LAMRI (Vice-President, ESPCI)
  • Zoé LUGADET (Vice-President, Chimie ParisTech)
  • Sara MARCHAND (Vice-President, ECPM)
  • Auriane PERNET (International Moduling)
  • Marion GAIGNON (Companies Management)

The ESPCI Paris committee

  • Yassine LAMRI (Vice-President)
  • Augustin POINSSOT (Logistics)
  • Dorian RÉBET (Logistics)
  • Mélina MOTARD (Catering)
  • Mikaël GEORGES (Press)
  • Thomas DARLEY (Buffer Zone)
  • Athénaïs TOURAINE-PASCAL (Buffer Zone)

The Chimie ParisTech committee

  • Zoé LUGADET (Vice-President)
  • Auriane PERNET (International Moduling)
  • Camille LHUISSIER (Communication)
  • Cécile KALK (Communication)
  • Sithany RICHARD (Communication)
  • Sophie DOLEZON VERLEY (One day in a company)
  • Louise CHABAS (Prestige Dinner)
  • Maeva PERRICHON (Companies Prospecting, Startups management)
  • Antoine GIOVANELLI (Companies Prospecting)
  • Thomas BUTTIENS (Companies Prospecting)

The ENSIC committee

  • Louis GIGANTE (President)
  • Clara LAMOTTE (Vice-president)
  • Virginie LONGHITANO (Treasurer)
  • Marion GAIGNON (Companies Management)
  • Tessa VAN DER OOST (Job Interview Simulation)
  • Poemana ROPITEAU (Job Interview Simulation)
  • Pauline ALLAROUSSE (Brochure)
  • Pauline BERVILLER (Brochure)
  • Manon DEBUY (Brochure)
  • Louise RATEL (Wallpapers)
  • Stanley THOMANCE (Application)
  • Pauline VARY (Companies Prospecting)
  • Shi Ying PATRICIA WONG (One day in a company, Companies Prospecting)

The ECPM committee

  • Sara MARCHAND (Vice-President, Goodies)
  • Paul GENY (Secretary)
  • Diane LEGENDRE (Communication)
  • Romain KERDONCUFF (Communication)
  • François UNGER (English-speaking companies)
  • Jana EL AGHAR (English-speakingAnglophones)
  • Gabriel BOILLOT (German-speaking companies)
  • Qingqing LIN (Chinese-speaking companies)
  • Clara FELICI (Godfather, Handicafé©)
  • Laurie GNONI (Meetings)
  • Charlotte HENNARD (Conference)
  • Dima YASSINE (Conference)
  • Sijie DING (Companies Prospecting)
  • Claire RICHEZ (One day in a company, Companies Prospecting)