How to prepare your forum?

Here are some tips for properly preparing your forum. The 2023 exhibitors will be added regularly to this site, as registrations become available. Do not hesitate to follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or even Twitter to keep up to date with forum news.

les conseils des recruteurs

Qualities sought:

  • Professional attitude
  • Know how to present your background, the areas of work or areas questioned
  • Have a summarized CV (it must fit on one page)

Mistakes to avoid:

  • Spelling mistakes on the CV
  • The monologue
  • The question “What do you have to offer?” upon arriving at a stand

Renseignement sur les exposants

Our partner ChooseMyCompany provides you with an online brochure with various information on the companies present. This brochure is available now and is a good way to find out about the exhibitors ahead of the Forum.
Link to brochure: